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EcoSlim is made by Native Remedies, a firm with a specialty in organic options as a change from prescription medications. Clinical Psychologist Michele Carelse, who utilizes organic cures to treat her patients, is the leader of their product development group. She debuted her inaugural product line a dozen years ago. Currently, Native Remedies’ product line ranges widely from pregnancy and fertility aids to relief of depression and nervousness. They actually provide a line of organic products just for pets. The maker’s customer support seems greatly superior to its rivals. Each of their products carries an almost unequaled one full year warranty. They provide a number of weight regulation products, among them EcoSlim. The product comes in liquid form that is meant to be combined with water or fruit juice three times daily.


EcoSlim includes a number of organic components: fucus vesiculosis, gallium aparine, garcina cambogia, dandelion, licorice, guarana, centuary, tumeric, ginger and cayenne pepper. Some of these are unusual for weight reduction formulas like focus vesiculosis, a concentrated mineral supply that helps in metabolism of cells, healthy glandual function, and digestive health. Gallium aparine is believed to remove toxins from the system. Garcinia cambogia is a more recognizable weight reduction ingredient. It is an organic hunger suppressant extracted from a fruit indigenous to Southeast Asia. Unbiased testing on this herb has produce mixed results.

A different commonly used weight reduction ingredient, guarana, is an organic caffeine source. Stimulants furnish brief bursts of elevated energy and metabolic rate. Tumeric is considered to have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants fight against free radicals, which not only cause wrinkles but also dangerous health ailments like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. It might seem that substances such as dandelion, licorice, ginger, and cayenne pepper are more for preparing dinner instead of assisting in weight loss , but they all have assumed advantages including being tonics and helpful with digestion. The total list of ingredients can’t be found. This renders it harder to assess the success of any weight reduction formula.

Positive Features

  • The parent firm provides a full one year warranty for refund of purchase;
  • The maker’s official website is very instructive;
  • EcoSlim contains only completely natural ingredients.

Negative Features

  • The FDA has not assessed the assertions made on behalf of this product;
  • A number of the primary components have had a mixture of findings in lab tests.


EcoSlim’s parent firm, Native Remedies, ought to make consumers feel they can trust them. The leader of their research group has been formulating effective organic products for the last twelve years. Furthermore, their website is loaded with details about their products and the purposes that they are meant for. EcoSlim doesn’t burn fat, and the outcomes might not be as significant as some dieters would like. A lot of the components help with healthy digestive function and flush out the system.

Conversely, if consumers are searching for a healthy option instead of the diet pills available, EcoSlim isn’t a poor choice and might make it simpler to diet. In spite of its very instructive website, Natural Remedies does not offer a complete listing of what their products contain. The absence of this information obfuscates attempts to quantify EcoSlim’s effectiveness. But, the product appears to offer promise and carries a full one-year warranty. Like they say, what have you got to lose but the extra weight that’s dragging you down?

Eco Slim

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