Prostect Overview

Prostect is a brand of supplement that targets the health of the prostate gland, a walnut-sized gland that can become enlarged as a man ages. While a large number of men suffer from this, some will experience worse symptoms than others which can include increased urine frequency, the inability to properly empty the bladder, painful urination and disturbed sleep due to multiple bathroom trips. Prostec can help relieve all these symptoms and is sold via the Precision Herbs website. The site provides information about the company, their background and mission in terms of consumer health, but there is very little detail regarding the actual Prostect product.

Prostect Product Details

Prostect uses natural ingredients to provide nutritional support for the prostate gland. Unfortunately there is very little information provided on the manufacturer’s website about how the product works, there is no FAQ section or customer testimonials. While there is some information provided regarding the purity of the ingredients used, no data is given or cited for clinical testing performed on the Prostect formula. Precision Herbs sells Prostect directly to the consumer at a cost of $35 .31 per bottle (a one month supply) but there is no mention of a money back or customer satisfaction guarantee.

Specific Ingredients in Prostect include

Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, Bee Pollen, Nettle, Fenugeek, L-Glutamic, L-Glycine, Angelica, Burdock, Pumpkin Vine, Zinc

The Prostect formula relies on a number of herbal and botanical extracts to help relieve symptoms associated with the prostate gland. Most of the issues surrounding the gland are due to over enlargement, causing it to put pressure on the urinary tract. When the size is reduced*, or controlled, the male finds it easier to empty his bladder fully and doesn’t need to make so many trips to the bathroom. Among some of the key ingredients used are Saw Palmetto and Pygeum, both of which are often included in popular prostate formulas, the mineral Zinc, which is essential for male reproductive health, plus Nettle, Pumpkin Vine, Burdock, Bee Pollen and Fenugreek. Unfortunately there is no explanation provided for any of the any of the ingredients making it hard for consumers unfamiliar with this type of supplement to judge its worth. However, the formula is natural so should not cause any harmful side effects nor should it interact with other medications.

Prostect Advantages

  • Key ingredients are listed
  • Prostect should not interact with medications
  • Precision Herbs is a reputable company
  • The product is affordable

Prostect Disadvantages

  • Scientific testing details are not provided
  • There is no guarantee mentioned
  • Ingredients are not explained fully
  • Product information is limited

Prostect The Bottom Line

Although Precision Herbs is a good company that makes a range of quality supplements, consumers should be given more comprehensive information about their products. Seeing the list of ingredients used in the formula is a start but more explanation needs to be provided as to exactly how they work. Given the number of key active ingredients, it seems likely that Prostect would have a positive effect on the prostate although it is designed more as a way to keep the prostate healthy rather than have any significant effect on one that is already enlarged.